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Vibra Air Filter Cleaning


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Friday 8.00am - 1.00pm
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Our Story

Vibra Air Filter Cleaning is an ISO 9001 Quality Accredited Air Filter Cleaning Company. We’re Western Australia’s first and only quality accredited air cleaning company. 

What We Do

One of the most significant costs for many industries today is equipment maintenance. Air filtration costs make up a large portion of that. Vibra Air Filter Cleaning is here to help you keep those costs to a minimum.

We achieve this through our unique, proven air filter cleaning and testing process that ensures optimum cleaning and the highest quality analysis. Our process is based on a proven technique whereby dirt is removed by a combination of vibration, spinning high-pressure air and vacuum, resulting in filters being free of dust contamination.

Why choose Vibra Air Filter Cleaning?

Our proven and unique cleaning process, together with machinery customised to Western Australian conditions, makes our process second to none.

We offer complimentary use of our containers for air filter transportation. Additionally, we offer a Perth Metropolitan and Kalgoorlie pick-up and drop-off service. This means we can service a wide geographical area and undertake jobs of any size. 


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One of the most significant costs for many industries today is equipment maintenance. Air filtration costs make up a large portion of that. At Vibra, our focus is on helping you reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profits without compromising the health of your people, assets or the environment. For more information, visit our business page!

Benefit Checklist
First & Only Quality Accredited Air Cleaning Company In WA
Localities Kalgoorlie-Boulder
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