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Why Email Marketing Is A Game Changer For Your Business


Why Email Marketing Is A Game Changer For Your Business

Why Email Marketing Can Be A Game Changer for Your Business

Email is the most common form of business communication today, but many small business owners are not harnessing the true potential of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Put simply, email marketing is an automated way of communicating with new and existing customers. When done right, it helps you to communicate your value, offers and customer service.

Email is still getting the best return on investment for savvy business owners. There are lots of options to choose from when using an email marketing software, but nothing beats the free Business Key email marketing system that comes completely free with your website!

How does email marketing work?

Your email marketing platform is designed to remove the need to send individual emails manually and allows you to automate the process. This means you can create lists of customers who have similar needs and send out email communication that speaks to their particular challenges.

For example, a garden centre sells plants and swimming pools. Their customers have very different needs depending on what they buy. Email marketing would allow them to send relevant and timely emails to two different customer segments, one addressing plant care and the other pool care.

Why aren’t business owners using email marketing?

There are 3 main reasons:
• In the too hard basket
• Don’t see the benefits
• Worry it’ll feel spammy

In the Too-Hard Basket

Email marketing is simple to set-up, and streamlines your customer service and after sales communication. If it feels in the too hard basket, then it may be time to review the help that the Goldfields Key team can offer in getting started.

Don’t See The Benefits

The cost of acquiring a new customer far outweighs the costs when an existing customers makes a repeat purchase. Keeping in touch with your existing customers via email marketing is one sure way to be top of mind when they need you again. Can you afford to leave money on the table?

Worry It’ll Feel Spammy

When email marketing is it’s done poorly, it can feel spammy and intrusive! And that puts many business owners off, but have you heard the saying, ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’? And when it comes to email marketing, this has never been truer! Why? Because email marketing isn’t the problem, it’s the tactics that less conscientious business owners are employing that causes an issue.

Here’s How to Avoid Being Spammy

1. Less is more – daily emails? No thank you! Keep your emails to weekly at most.
2. Serve before you sell – nobody wants to be sold at. Use a combination of news, education, tips and offers so it’s not all salesy.
3. Make it about them – avoid too much news about you, instead use the inbox to be relevant and helpful.
4. Get personal – no first name? Then forget it! Use personalisation options to ensure all your emails go out with a first name address.
5. Ask permission – make sure you get permission to add customers to your email list (and no a handshake at a networking event isn’t permission!)

A Final Word…

Email marketing allows you to measure and track your metrics, so you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not. It’s a powerful tool for small business owners and one that add value to your business.

Want to give email marketing a try?

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