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A Simple Guide On How This Mobile Line Boring Service Provider in Kalgoorlie-Boulder Works


A Simple Guide On How This Mobile Line Boring Service Provider in Kalgoorlie-Boulder Works

It’s no-brainer how important equipment in the mining and industrial sector is; how having one piece of equipment down can significantly affect the project's completion. That’s why this company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder makes it their job to get any machining and mobile line boring service done in the shortest time possible. At HAMR Engineering, we provide safe, reliable, innovative and cost-effective solutions strategically managed to cater to your needs. 

We have over 16 years of experience in serving the mining industry, and over the years, we have developed techniques to efficiently reduce downtime and keep costs in your pocket. Our team can provide personalised services designed to meet your every requirement.

With the experience under our belt, HAMR Engineering has no trouble offering you a comprehensive range of machining solutions and services, such as but not limited to:

  • Line Boring
  • Machining
  • Mobile Milling
  • Engineering

There is no limit to what HAMR Engineering can do. Our team will assist you in every way. We guarantee to provide you with quality services with our well-equipped facility and a professional team of lineboring technicians. We serve all mine sites from Esperance to Wiluna and beyond. 

We ensure to conform to Australia’s industrial and safety work standards in performing precision engineering projects. We also prioritise quality and safety in the workplace by integrating our experience and knowledge in engineering into every project given to us. 

From major projects to minor ones, HAMR Engineering can cater to your machining and engineering requirements and complete them in no time. 

Call us to discuss your needs and allow us to quote you personally, or visit HAMR Engineering’s business page to learn more about our expert mobile line boring service now!

HAMR Engineering
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