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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Leading Drilling Contractor in Kalgoorlie


Here’s What You Need To Know About The Leading Drilling Contractor in Kalgoorlie

When it comes to quality and trusted drill and blast services, Blue Roc Drilling is the best drilling contractor in Kalgoorlie to partner with your company. We have well-maintained drill rigs and highly qualified mining drilling contractors you can trust to cater to your project needs.

Blue Roc Drilling is a Western Australian-owned company that prides itself on its ability and willingness to undertake complex and challenging drilling and blasting projects with an innovative hands-on approach. We are the best drilling and blasting company that offers quality services for clients of open-cut mining and civil projects in the Goldfields.

With advanced drilling technology and proven processes, you can trust Blue Roc Drilling to be the best exploration partner of choice!

A Brief History of How Blue Roc Drilling Opened Its Doors To The Community

In 1992, the owner, Tony Aurisch, started as a pit tech, taking samples from a blast-hole rig. He then joined the company that owned the rig, got a shot-fired license, and started his drill and blast journey. His three years of experience in Western Australia led to shot-firing, drilling, and supervisory roles in Africa and Central Asia.

When Tony returned to Perth, he started his own business after purchasing his first rig sight unseen in 2008. Fortunately, he bought a good one! He founded Blue Roc Drilling. Since then, the fleet has grown, and the company has become one of the area's leading providers of mining drilling and rock blasting services. The company is now based in Kalgoorlie, where Tony lives with his family.

Rest assured, Blue Roc Drilling’s drilling contractors deliver reliable drill and blast solutions and have the flexibility to fit into any project requirements. 

At Blue Roc Drilling, we offer the following services, such as but not limited to:

  • Open Pit Ore and Waste Production Bench Drilling and Blasting.
  • Pre Split and Final Wall Design
  • Portal Development, Rock Bolting and Ground Support
  • Road Realignment and Civil Construction Pads
  • Blast Hole and RAB Sampling
  • Weep Holes to Relieve Water Saturation on Pit Walls
  • Dry Hire of Atlas Copco F911 and L7 Drill Rigs

We also provide well-maintained drill rigs on a dry-hire basis to clients during high production demands. Our rigs are well-maintained and fitted with emergency shut-off switches and safety cages. Moreover, we work with various drilling applications and have a depth of experience to live up to our commitment to delivering excellent services to our clients.

From small prospectors looking to open up some ground to large open-cut developments, call one of the best drilling & blasting experts to discuss your needs. 

The Difference Between Blue Roc Drilling From Other Drilling and Blasting Companies in Kalgoorlie

When you put your trust in dedicated land-clearing contractors like us, you can rest easy knowing that no stone will be left unturned. We have the expertise needed to clear a job site completely and grade it to the exact specifications you need. This is to ensure you’ll have the best possible foundation with which to work.

Safety and reliability are at the forefront of our service in all we do. We are always looking for safer ways to work and more cost-effective ways to drill and exploring how innovation can tackle the next drilling challenge.

Visit Blue Roc Drilling’s business page to learn how!

Blue Roc Drilling
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