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Hiring The Leading Provider of Quality Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Kalgoorlie


Hiring The Leading Provider of Quality Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Kalgoorlie

Where the dust of mining operations mingles with the vibrant life of its residents, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial. Regular cleaning is undoubtedly important, but taking it up a notch with routine deep cleaning offers numerous benefits for both homes and businesses. Not to worry!

A&M Cleaning Services has been a prominent name in the domestic and commercial cleaning services industry of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. With a focus on professionalism and efficiency, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service provider. We have diversified our offerings and now provide a range of services, including garden landscaping, yard maintenance, and fencing services, in addition to our exceptional cleaning services.

In this blog post, A&M will delve into the advantages of adopting regular deep cleaning practices in Kalgoorlie, including elevating hygiene standards and creating a healthier, more welcoming space. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

A Legacy of Quality Service: Three Generations and Counting

With over 30 years of dedicated service, A&M Cleaning Services has become an integral part of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Goldfields region. 

Our journey began in 1989 when Allen and Margaret DeRuwe started this local family-owned business. The DeRuwe family has proudly associated itself with the business for over three generations. Presently, Roy and Kelly Stevens helm the operations, carrying forward the legacy of excellence, while Justine, their daughter, manages the administrative aspects of the business.

You can trust that this cleaning company offers specialised services relevant to your needs. We have an open and responsive communication channel for addressing concerns or making adjustments to your cleaning schedules.

Benefits of Regular Deep Cleaning for Your Home or Business

Enhanced Hygiene and Health

Elimination of Hidden Pathogens:

Deep cleaning reaches areas often overlooked during routine cleaning. This eliminates hidden pathogens, reduces the risk of infections, and promotes a healthier living or working environment.

Dust and Allergen Removal:

Deep cleaning removes accumulated dust and allergens from surfaces and fabrics. This leads to reduced allergen levels and contributes to better indoor air quality, which is especially crucial in dusty environments like Kalgoorlie.

Prolonged Longevity of Furnishings

Preservation of Upholstery and Carpets:

Deep cleaning helps preserve the integrity of upholstery and carpets. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of furnishings, saving on replacement costs.

Prevention of Mould and Mildew:

Deep cleaning prevents the growth of mould and mildew in damp areas. Protection against these issues ensures the longevity of building materials and prevents structural damage.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Revitalisation of Surfaces:

Deep cleaning revitalises surfaces, bringing back their original lustre. Enhanced aesthetic appeal also contributes to a positive impression for residents and visitors.

Stain and Spot Removal:

Stubborn stains and spots are effectively addressed during deep cleaning. The removal of these blemishes enhances the overall appearance of your interiors.

Efficient Odor Elimination

Addressing Lingering Odours:

Deep cleaning tackles lingering odours that may persist despite routine cleaning. Eliminating unpleasant smells creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Treatment of Fabric and Upholstery Odours:

Fabrics and upholstery absorb odours over time. Deep cleaning treatments neutralise embedded smells, enhancing the overall ambience.

Comprehensive Dusting and Sanitisation

Thorough Dusting of Hard-to-Reach Areas:

Deep cleaning includes thorough dusting of high and hard-to-reach areas. Removing accumulated dust promotes a cleaner environment and reduces respiratory irritants.

Complete Surface Sanitisation:

Deep cleaning ensures comprehensive surface sanitisation. Targeting surfaces that come into frequent contact minimises the risk of germ transmission.

Professional Handling of Specialised Spaces

Industrial and Commercial Spaces:

Deep cleaning is particularly beneficial for industrial and commercial spaces. Regular deep cleaning contributes to compliance with hygiene standards in sectors like mining and resource extraction.

Boost to Employee Productivity

Clean Work Environment and Morale:

A clean and organised workspace positively impacts employee morale. A boost in morale contributes to increased productivity and a more positive working atmosphere.

Reduction of Sick Days:

Enhanced hygiene and reduced pathogens result in fewer instances of illness. Reduced sick days contribute to a more consistent and productive workforce.

Need thorough office cleaning? You know who to call – A&M Cleaning Services!

Prevention of Pest Infestations

Thorough Cleaning Deters Pests:

Regular deep cleaning eliminates attractants for pests. A clean environment acts as a deterrent, reducing the risk of infestations.

Early Detection of Pest Issues:

Deep cleaning allows for the early detection of signs of pest infestations. Timely intervention prevents the escalation of pest problems, safeguarding homes and businesses.

Compliance with Health and Safety Standards

Meeting Regulatory Requirements:

Certain industries in Kalgoorlie are subject to specific health and safety standards. Regular deep cleaning ensures compliance with regulations and standards set by authorities.

Creating Safe Spaces:

Deep cleaning contributes to the creation of safe spaces for residents and workers. Meeting safety standards enhances the overall well-being of individuals within the cleaned environment.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services: Beyond the Ordinary

A&M Cleaning Services takes pride in offering a diverse range of professional cleaning services, setting it apart from the competition. The services we provide are:

Domestic Cleaning Services:

  • Vacate/Exit Cleans
  • Floor Strip & Reseal
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maid Services

Commercial Cleaning Services:

  • Professional Offices
  • Minesite Crib Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Toilets
  • Workstations

One-Stop Solution for Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

What makes A&M Cleaning Services unique is our ability to cater to various facets of cleaning and maintenance. Beyond traditional cleaning services, we offer an extensive range of services for your yard, including:

  • Gardening
  • Yard Tidying
  • Fence Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Reticulation
  • Asbestos Removal

We position ourselves as a one-stop solution for all your cleaning and maintenance requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free approach to service delivery.

Commitment to Client Needs

The professional cleaning team at A&M Cleaning Services is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every client. Going beyond the ordinary, we are willing to work after office hours, ensuring your space is clean and tidy for a fresh start every day. Moreover, the flexibility to use either company-provided or client-preferred cleaning supplies showcases our commitment to delivering personalised service.

Request a Quote

Whether you require house cleaning or a comprehensive commercial cleaning service, A&M Cleaning Services is ready to assist. Feel free to reach out for a quote and discover how we can elevate the cleanliness of your space. Visit A&M Cleaning Services’ business page to delve deeper into the offered services and explore the possibilities for a pristine environment.

Elevate Your Space with A&M Cleaning Services

A&M Cleaning Services transcends the ordinary, offering a comprehensive suite of services. With a commitment to professionalism, flexibility, and personalised service, the company has earned its reputation as one of the leading cleaning contracting companies in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Trust A&M Cleaning Services to transform your space into an immaculate haven!

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