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Leading the Way in Concrete, Civil Construction and Earthworks in Kalgoorlie


Leading the Way in Concrete, Civil Construction and Earthworks in Kalgoorlie

Boord Constructions - Your Trusted Construction Partner

When it comes to concrete, civil construction and earthworks contracting services in Kalgoorlie, Boord Constructions is the leading name in the industry. With a legacy dating back to 2004, we have been dedicated to delivering top-notch construction work, specialising in structural concrete work, particularly in vertical and foundation structures across various sectors.

A Legacy of Excellence: Boord Constructions' Journey

Established in 2004, Boord Constructions has emerged as a great foundation of the construction industry, earning a solid reputation for consistently exceeding industry standards. Over the years, the company has experienced continuous growth, expanding its reach to diverse market sectors, varying project sizes, and different product types. 

Boord Constructions takes pride in providing an array of professional structural concrete services that cater to the unique needs of its clients, including: 

  • Concrete Infrastructure & Development
  • Civil Earthworks
  • Mining
  • Road Construction
  • Underground Works
  • Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling
  • Haul Road Construction
  • Demolition
  • Building Constructions Works

Looking for top-rated concrete services in Kalgoorlie? Give Boord Constructions a call, and we can take care of your concrete and earthworks needs for you!

Expertise at Your Service: Why Choose Boord Constructions

1. Multi-Disciplined Heavy Construction Company

Boord Constructions is recognised as a multi-disciplined heavy construction company that offers complete site solutions across various sectors. The company's efficient and effective team is dedicated to the prompt and professional completion of projects.

2. Extensive Local Knowledge and Experience

At Boord Constructions, we are a trusted construction company serving the Goldfields and Western Australia. With our extensive local knowledge and experience, our concrete contractors deliver high-quality results on time and within budget for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We focus on safety, quality, and innovation to ensure that every project is a success, exceeding our clients' expectations. 

3. Specialised Equipment for Underground Work

Boord Constructions is well-equipped for underground work and formwork solutions, featuring specialised machinery such as bobcats and LVs. We have invested in specialised machinery that is specifically designed to work in underground conditions. These machines are fitted with fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of the workers and enhance the efficiency of the work being done.

4. Demolition Expertise

Boord Constructions is also a trusted demolition company that prioritises safety and quality. We follow the guidelines set by WorkSafe, local authorities, and Australian Standard 2601 to ensure that every demolition project is carried out efficiently and safely. What’s more, we have a Class 2 Demolition license and cutting-edge equipment, such as a 400mm concrete saw. 

5. On-Time and Within Budget

Boord Constructions prides itself on completing projects on time and within budget. Our local formwork experts focus on delivering optimal solutions with minimal downtime or loss. 

Budgets are important, and that’s why we take great care to manage our projects within the agreed-upon budget. We work closely with our clients to provide detailed cost estimates and regular progress reports to ensure that there are no surprises or unexpected costs. 

6. Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount at Boord Constructions. We ensure a safe and efficient environment for all employees, concrete civil contractors, sub-contractors, clients, and visitors. 

Construction work can be risky, and that's why we take all necessary measures to minimise the risks and ensure the safety of everyone involved in our projects. We have a robust safety management system in place that is regularly reviewed and updated to meet industry standards and regulations. Our safety policies and procedures are communicated to all employees and contractors, and regular safety training and toolbox talks are conducted to ensure that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding safety.

We also conduct regular safety audits and inspections to identify any potential hazards and take corrective action to eliminate them. Moreover, we use the latest safety equipment and tools to ensure that all work is done safely and efficiently.

Your Project, Our Expertise

Boord Constructions emerges as the go-to concrete and formwork contractor in Kalgoorlie. With specialised equipment, a commitment to high standards, and a legacy of excellence, we offer the best solutions for your project needs. To discover more about how the team of civil construction contractors at Boord Constructions can contribute to your project's success, visit Boord Constructions’s business page now!

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