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Making a Statement: Kalsigns and Their Quality Signage Solutions


Making a Statement: Kalsigns and Their Quality Signage Solutions

Kalsigns designs, manufactures and installs mine site and safety signs, branded business signage, as well as fleet vehicle signage and wraps.

We know that getting the right products delivered on time is crucial to your success, so we’ve structured our business to make sure we can deliver on our promises. We never cut corners. We manufacture our products to last, and we work with our customers to provide the best outcomes. Remember, when you need signage in regional WA, think Kalsigns first.

Our Beginning, Explained

When Kalsigns ventured into the market in 2008, we recognised a significant disparity between the offerings of other sign companies and the expectations of customers. Bridging that gap became our primary objective.

With owner John Bruce at the helm, Kalsigns flourished. Delivering top-notch products, swift turnaround, and competitive pricing has solidified Kalsigns as the preferred signage company for prominent mining and regional enterprises.

We extend our signage services to numerous areas across regional Western Australia. 

Whether you possess an established brand or seek inspiration for a new design, we possess the expertise to bring your vision to life. From concept creation to manufacturing, delivery, and installation, Kalsigns is your all-in-one solution.

Our Process

To help make your job even easier, we can manage the project from start to finish. 

  1. Site planning
  2. Design
  3. Printing and manufacturing
  4. Delivery and installation
  5. Maintenance

Our Products

The design you choose for your signage is vitally important. It should clearly communicate who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Your signage is an extension of your business, so make sure you choose a design that shows your business at its best.

At Kalsigns, we can help you create a bold and memorable custom design for your business. This includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Information/wayfinding signage
  • Fleet vehicle signage and wrap
  • Work zone signs and wrap
  • Branded safety signage

Indoor signage and branding

We provide indoor signage to Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas, including the more remote parts of WA, including:

  • Indoor office signs
  • Company branding signs
  • Internal safety and exit signs

Outdoor signage and branding

For high-performance outdoor signage in Kalgoorlie and regional WA, we’ve got you covered. We can provide:

  • Outdoor branding signs – small and large scale
  • Outdoor safety signage

Road and traffic signs

These signs play a vital role in safety, accident prevention, and generally helping people find their way. Kalsigns provides road and traffic signs in Kalgoorlie and regional WA for all situations, including:

  • Diverting traffic
  • Controlling pedestrians
  • Improving traffic flow
  • Indicating road closures
  • Restricted parking
  • Regulating speed limits
  • Informing who must give way
  • Alerting drivers about the presence of animals
  • Communicating other road and traffic messages

Safety signs

If you need quality safety signage for your mining site, worksite or any other place where there are hazards, Kalsigns can help. We provide comprehensive safety signage, including:

  • Mine site safety signs
  • General safety signs
    • Danger
    • Fire
    • Warning
    • First aid
    • Hazards
    • Prohibitions (e.g. no entry, no smoking and authorised personnel only)
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and more

Fleet vehicle signage and wraps

when it comes to fleet signage, Kalsigns covers all types of vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
    • Fire
    • Ambulance
    • Incident response
    • Shire and ranger service

Work zone signs

Whether it’s a mine site, building site, road works or any other kind of work zone with potential hazards, we can supply you with quality, compliant signage, including:

  • Danger signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Warning signs
  • Notice signs
  • First aid
  • Fire safety
  • Hazchem
  • Traffic management signs
  • Location of offices, toilets and fire extinguishers
  • Direction signs

What to consider when creating your design

Many businesses come to us with an idea in mind but no idea how to get it from concept to finished product. We employ three in-house graphic designers that will work with you to create your custom design. 

There are a number of factors to consider before we begin the creative process, including:

  • Environment: Where your sign will be located can influence the style of your design.
  • Colours: If you’re creating a new design, you’ll need to understand contrasting colours.
  • Font/Lettering: Anyone should be able to see, read and understand your sign in seconds – this is why a simple, clear font is best.
  • Space: One of the most powerful elements you can include on a sign is a blank space.

What if I have an existing design…

If you’re upgrading, upsizing, or ordering a replacement sign, you can send through your existing design information and we’ll process your order immediately. To get the best result for your signage, we recommend you follow the artwork specifications below.

Artwork Specifications:

  • Artwork to be supplied should be created in CorelDraw 13, Freehand MX, Illustrator CS3 or sent as an open PDF. 
  • Artwork and images can be supplied as TIFFs, JPEGs or EPSs. Minimum resolution of 300 dpi at a scale of 1:10. 
  • Please supply all logos as vectors. 
  • Supply all text in your preferred font. Please forward us the name of the font.
  • Supply PSD files (layered Photoshop files) if possible.
  • Allow at least 100mm bleed on all artwork.
  • Colour specs, layouts and proofs must be supplied with artwork, and be sure to include all four sides of the design.

Site preparation, installation and maintenance

Our products are crafted using premium materials and are UV protected, ensuring their resilience in the face of challenging rural conditions. When it comes to installation, we: 

  • Have a professional crew to take care of things
  • Organise all the necessary equipment
  • Pay strict attention to all safety and regulatory requirements

Whatever your timetable, we’ll do our best to work to your schedule.

Signage maintenance & repair services

Our job is to keep your signage operational and looking its best – that’s why Kalsigns also provides sign maintenance services. Whether your signage is outside on a dusty mine site or inside an office, we’re here to provide the following:

  • Preventative sign maintenance
  • Cleaning and refitting
  • Signage maintenance to replace parts

For damage or graffiti

Deliberate damage or graffiti can occasionally occur. If one of your signs is damaged, contact our team and arrange a quote for repair or replacement.

For quality worksite signage in Kalgoorlie, get in touch with the WA sign professionals at Kalsigns today or visit our business page by clicking here.

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