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Premium Asphalt and Bitumen Solutions from the Trusted Asphalt Company in Kalgoorlie


Premium Asphalt and Bitumen Solutions from the Trusted Asphalt Company in Kalgoorlie

Asphalt plays a pivotal role in the infrastructure of Kalgoorlie, and investing in local asphalt companies offers numerous advantages. This local asphalt company in Kalgoorlie facilitates the construction and maintenance of critical infrastructure, including roads, highways, parking lots, and more. In this blog, we will explore why quality asphalt matters, its impact on road safety, the different types of asphalt we offer, and more!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Premier Choice for Asphalt Projects in Kalgoorlie

Total Asphalt is the company to trust for quality commercial asphalt projects within Kalgoorlie, with over three decades of unwavering dedication and expertise in the industry. We provide:

  • Asphalt Production
  • Asphalt Surfacing
  • Bitumen Surfacing
  • Bitumen Products

Founded by Terry Hosking, Total Asphalt has evolved from a modest sole proprietorship to a thriving enterprise, boasting a team of 15 to 20 skilled professionals and a fleet of 30 cutting-edge equipment pieces. Our operational footprint extends across Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Wiluna, Esperance, Merredin, and Eucla regions in Western Australia.

Diverse Service Offerings

At Total Asphalt, we pride ourselves on our versatility in catering to a spectrum of project scopes ranging from: 

  • Driveway Installations
  • Cycleways
  • Car Parks 
  • City/Council Roads
  • Housing Estates
  • Railway Crossings
  • Main Arterial Roads
  • Highways

For those seeking reliability and expertise in asphalt contracting, Total Asphalt emerges as the undisputed choice. We ensure top-notch quality at competitive rates, thereby guaranteeing utmost customer satisfaction. Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering exceptional results backed by decades of industry experience. 

Our Asphalt Production and Supply

Through our mobile asphalt batching plant, we can churn out between 40 to 80 tonnes of asphalt per operating hour, both in HOT and COLD mix variants. Additionally, we offer spray emulsion and hot bitumen services for single and two (2) sealcoating applications facilitated by our fully equipped vehicles.

Total Asphalt can manufacture asphalt for pick up and/or delivery to pre-determined sites at competitive rates. Also, certificates for mix samples can be provided if requested.

Understanding Asphalt: Types and Applications

The process involves heating and mixing coarse and fine aggregates (crushed rock), filler (dust and/or hydrated lime), and bitumen in a batching plant to create a hot and robust mixture. Additionally, specialised materials can be incorporated during the production process to achieve asphalt with specific functions and enhanced properties.

Some of the additives used in asphalt production include liquid adhesion agents, red oxide for colouring, polymer modifiers, multigrade binders, and bitumen modifiers to alter viscosity. Furthermore, fibres, such as Kevlar, can be added to improve the fatigue and deformation characteristics of the asphalt.

On the Main Roads WA network, various types of hot mixed asphalt are utilised, each serving distinct purposes:

Dense Graded Asphalt (DGA)

This is the most common type of asphalt and provides excellent structural strength and resistance to deformation.

Open Graded Asphalt (OGA)

Designed to drain water through the asphalt layer, OGA is used in high-speed applications, hilly terrains, and locations where effective water drainage is crucial for road safety.

Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

Similar to OGA, SMA has a high proportion of dust and binder content, leading to improved fatigue life. It features a textured surface but does not drain water through its layer like OGA.

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

HMA stands as the cornerstone of our operations, blending approximately 95% stone, sand, or aggregate/gravel with asphalt cement. This concoction, heated at around 160 degrees Celsius, is meticulously crafted at our batching facility and then transported to the paving site for application. The subsequent spreading and compaction, facilitated by heavy-duty industrial rollers, culminate in robust pavements ready to withstand vehicular traffic soon after cooling.

Cold Mix Asphalt: Patching and Repairs

Cold Mix Asphalt Concrete offers an alternative approach, produced by emulsifying the asphalt with a blend of cutter products before mixing it with the aggregate. Cutters are mixtures of Diesel, Jet A1 (aircraft fuel), or commercially produced oils like peanut oils. In its emulsified state, the asphalt becomes less dense, making it easy to work and compact. As the emulsion breaks and enough cutter evaporates, the cold mix adopts the properties of cold HMA.

Cold mix asphalt is commonly used as a patching material for asphalt repairs, including potholes, and is suitable for lesser trafficked service roads.

Our Robust Fleet

Total Asphalt's operational efficiency is further bolstered by our comprehensive fleet, comprising state-of-the-art equipment tailored to diverse project requirements:

  • 2 x Bobcats - 4SDK8 and 5SDK8 for general earthworks with broom, forks and ripper attachments.
  • 2 x Asphalt Pavers – ANTEC & BITELLI BB50.
  • 6 x Rollers – 1 x Articulated (Hamm HD 14) and 1 x Road (HAMM HD 12), 2 x Multi’s (Sakai and Hamm), also 2 x Pedestrian Rollers for small and finishing tasks.
  • 7 x Trucks – Spreaders, Tippers and Spray trucks for Emulsion & Bitumen. Also, a crew truck can manage potholes in main road construction. All vehicles can tow floats and trailers, allowing flexibility for the mobilisation of equipment.
  • Plate compactors - for general pothole repairs.

Asphalt Plant and Bitumen Equipment

Our arsenal is further fortified by cutting-edge asphalt plant and bitumen equipment, including:

  • 40 T/Hr Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant, trailer mounted
  • 1 x 40m3 Emulsion Storage Tank
  • 1 x 40 m3 Bitumen Storage Tank

This ensures seamless operations and uncompromised quality control.

Mastering The Art Of Asphalt Laying

Modern construction relies heavily on the use of asphalt. However, achieving a smooth and long-lasting asphalt surface requires a meticulous and well-executed laying process. Let’s cover the technical aspects of asphalt laying, from preparation to the finishing touches, shall we?

Subgrade Preparation

Before laying asphalt, it's crucial to prepare the subgrade properly. This involves removing any previous pavement, debris, and unstable soil. The subgrade should be compacted to reach the desired density, providing a secure foundation for the asphalt layer. Total Asphalt, a Goldfields-based company, follows AS 3798 and MRWA specifications for subgrade preparation to ensure compliance and quality work.

Aggregate Base Installation

Then, an aggregate base material is laid and compacted over the subgrade to serve as a load-bearing foundation for the asphalt. The type and thickness of the aggregate base depend on factors such as traffic load and soil conditions. AS 2150 and MRWA specifications outline the requirements for granular materials used in road construction, which Total Asphalt follows to ensure quality installation.

Asphalt Mix Design

Choosing the right asphalt mix is crucial, and AS 2150.2 and MRWA guidelines provide the necessary specifications for mix design. Total Asphalt tailors the mix design to meet project requirements while complying with these standards, ensuring quality work.

Asphalt Paving Equipment

State-of-the-art paving equipment is crucial for achieving a high-quality asphalt surface, and AS 2749 and MRWA guidelines outline the requirements for such equipment. Total Asphalt uses equipment that meets safety and performance standards, ensuring compliance with these regulations during the laying process.

Compaction Techniques

Proper compaction is crucial to the performance of the asphalt surface. AS 2150.3, in conjunction with MRWA specifications, provides guidelines for the compaction of asphalt mixes. Total Asphalt follows these standards to ensure uniform compaction and a durable asphalt layer suitable for the Goldfields Region.

Joint Construction and Surface Finishing

Creating well-designed joints is essential for controlling cracking in the asphalt surface. AS 2150.4, complemented by MRWA requirements, provides specifications for joint construction and finishing techniques. Total Asphalt ensures proper design and execution to prevent common asphalt issues in line with these standards.

Quality Control and Testing

Throughout the asphalt laying process, rigorous quality control measures and testing should be implemented. AS 1141, AS 2891.2, and MRWA testing guidelines provide a comprehensive approach. Total Asphalt, as an industry-leading company, adheres to these standards to ensure the quality and integrity of the asphalt surface in the Goldfields Region.

Need help with road surfacing? Contact Total Asphalt now so we can give you a quote!

Compliance and Accreditation

At Total Asphalt, we have a fleet of fully equipped vehicles that allow us to perform a wide range of asphalt and bitumen spraying services. Additionally, we can manufacture asphalt and deliver it to your preferred location or have it ready for pickup.

Our products adhere to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPEWA) and the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) specifications. We are also a WALGA (Western Australian Local Government Association) supplier.

Moreover, we have a team of experts who oversee the spraying applications to ensure compliance with IPEWA and AAPA specifications. We take pride in our ability to mobilise quickly and provide high-quality service at a cost-effective rate with minimal downtime.

With a wealth of expertise and experience, Total Asphalt is the trusted choice for government and private sectors seeking top-notch asphalt and bitumen surfacing solutions. Our comprehensive services encompass new road construction, resurfacing, and maintenance, catering to a diverse clientele in the Goldfields and surrounding regions. Need to know more? Visit our business page by clicking here!

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