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The Leading Company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder To Provide Top-Quality Plant Hire & Contracting Services


The Leading Company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder To Provide Top-Quality Plant Hire & Contracting Services

If you’re looking for top-quality plant hire & contracting services in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, the best company to call is Versatile Plant Hire & Contracting!

The company was established in 2010 by Managing Director Phil Yates. We provide earthmoving and excavation plant hire services for mine sites around Goldfields, WA. In 2014, we added “Contracting” to our name to better reflect the project work we regularly handle for our clients, which involves planning, execution, and completion.

With a background in mining and haulage management and a passion for the environment, we enjoy building relationships and take pride in our good reputation and excellent track record.

What Does Versatile Plant Hire & Contracting Have to Offer?

VPHC provides bulk earthworks to the Goldfield Region. We offer minesite and environmental services, ensuring compliance, minimising impact, and maximising rehabilitation effectiveness.

The company also boasts a vast and well-maintained fleet of earthmoving equipment, including Bobcats, Positracks, and 25T Excavators, along with a team of highly skilled operators.

We are the only provider of wheeled excavators available for hire in the Goldfields. Additionally, our fleet will soon include a Vermeer Rock Saw capable of cutting trenches up to 200mm wide and over 1000mm deep. This wide range of machinery enables us to handle small to medium earthmoving projects, such as clearing and rehabilitating for exploration drilling programs, dam and turkey nest construction, and pond construction, among others.

Furthermore, our highly mobile machinery allows us to work accurately with minimal footprint and provides flexibility to move rapidly between various jobs over large areas.

In addition to the above, we offer the following services (but not limited to):

  • Environmental Maintenance
    • Landfill Maintenance and Management
    • Waste Dump Erosion Repair
    • V-Drain Maintenance
    • Incident Response (Spill Clean-Ups, Weather Event Repairs)
    • Vegetation Management
    • Bio-Remediation Pad Maintenance
    • Site Decommissioning Services
    • Rehabilitation
    • TSF Compliance Maintenance
    • Pipeline Containment Systems
  • Exploration Services 
    • Access Track Clearing and Grading
    • Drill Pad Clearing
    • Sump Excavation
    • Sample Bag Removal
    • Collar Cut, Cap and Cover
    • Total Pad, Sump and Track Rehabilitation
    • Auger Sampling to 5m Depth
    • Remote Areas – GPS and Satphone Equipped
    • Experienced Operators w/ Full Understanding of POW Compliance Requirements
  • Excavation & Mine Site Services
    • Dam and Turkey Nest Construction, Clean-Outs and Repair
    • Detailed Rock Excavation with Hammers and Rock Saws
    • Underground Road Base Screening
    • Dewatering Support
    • New Site Ground Preparation
    • Site Roads Maintenance
    • Surface Drainage
    • Pipeline Containment V-Drains
    • Sign Installation

We are willing to travel anywhere in the Goldfields, WA, to work with your team or offer complete installation services that fully comply with minesite regulations!

Here’s How This Expert Mining Contractor in Kalgoorlie Does Their Work

Every job requires a different approach, and we always begin with a risk assessment. These jobs demand expertise and the right equipment. Not to worry! We are fully equipped for safe remote work and have the experience to work unsupervised, delivering a quality job every time.

We provide a complete service to manage projects from green fields to pumping water. Through associated suppliers, we can also offer dewatering, poly welding, and pumping solutions for any situation.

When we clear pads and excavate sumps, we plan to return for rehabilitation in 6-12 months, so we make it as easy as possible for ourselves. That means clearing only enough space for the rigs and support equipment, keeping our work neat, and minimising the volume of dirt we have to shift.

Whether excavating into the ground or building walls, we have experience preparing earth walls for HDPE lining.

Visit Versatile Plant Hire & Contracting’s business page for more information!

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