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The Many Uses of Pure Distilled Drinking Water in Kalgoorlie-Boulder


The Many Uses of Pure Distilled Drinking Water in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Water is the carrier of life. Two-thirds of an adult's body is made up of water. We spend heaps of money keeping ourselves healthy, yet many do not see the need to care for one of the most crucial driving forces behind us – the water we drink. 

Many types of water are available, but Mother Nature got it right with rainwater. The pure distilled drinking water produced by Refresh Pure Water is identical to what Mother Nature has been producing for millions of years. 

But do you know what they can be used for? There are many, of course!

In this comprehensive blog, Refresh Pure Water will discuss the many uses of pure water, how it can benefit your life in various ways, and why we are the trusted producer of the best-distilled water brand in Kalgoorlie.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Many Uses of Pure Water

Pure water is a versatile resource that can be used for much more than just hydration. From cleaning and cooking to beauty and health, countless distilled water benefits are incorporated into your daily routine.

Here are some of its many uses:


With its clean, fresh taste, distilled water is more palatable. This will encourage a greater intake of water, thus leading to better health.

Tastier Drinks

As there are no impurities in distilled water to dilute the flavour, coffee grounds and tea leaves retain their richness and aroma far better than in other water. 

Improved Cocktails

Cocktails taste and look better when mixed with distilled water. Chlorine in tap water can react with alcohol to form by-products that affect taste and colour. There is no such problem with distilled water as it contains no contaminants.

Better Ice Cubes

Distilled water freezes faster than tap water and forms shinier, clearer and harder ice due to the lack of impurities.


You will find that flour is better absorbed into a batter mixed with distilled water than tap water. Baked dishes have a smoother texture. Also, as distilled water is free from contamination, the flavour cannot be altered because of impurities in the water. 

Cooking Vegetables

Cooking with distilled water is an excellent idea as there is no fear of contaminants being introduced to the dish. For example, potatoes cooked in distilled water will not discolour, while vegetables retain their colour and taste.

Cooking Wheat or Rice Products

Pasta, macaroni, noodles, or rice absorb more distilled water than any other kind, giving them a fuller body, texture and flavour. Also, they tend not to stick as they do when cooked with ordinary water.

Reconstituting Concentrated Drinks

There is a definite improvement in the taste of fruit juices, which are reconstituted with distilled water. And, because it tastes so much like a fresh product, you can get much more juice for your money. The use of distilled water also protects vitamin content. Vitamin C is partially counteracted when tap water is used because the chlorine in tap water oxidises the vitamin. This does not happen with distilled water.

Reconstituting Dehydrated Food

Powdered milk, instant potatoes and dried fruit such as prunes and raisins taste better when reconstituted with distilled water as no nasty chemicals spoil it. The greater density between the dried food and the distilled water creates more pressure for pure water to seep into the dehydrated items.


Fasting is a time-proven and effective way of cleansing the body. Distilled water adds immeasurably to the cleansing and detoxifying effects of fasting.


Distilled water significantly affects canned fruit and vegetables' natural colour and flavour. The flavour remains rich and robust, and the colour is retained. Also, the risk of spoilage is much lower, especially when cold packing.

Germinating Seeds

Seeds such as alfalfa and beans will germinate faster and achieve a higher percentage of germination. Pure water is an essential ingredient in the fertilisers used for hydroponic farming. Vegetables grow in a contamination-free environment and thus retain crispness and freshness for extended periods.

Heart Patients

Heart patients are always advised to go on a low-sodium diet. Spring and mineral waters usually contain some sodium. Distilled water is free from sodium.

Kidney Patients

Kidney patients must avoid contaminants in their drinking water as their kidneys cannot filter impurities. To prevent infection and complications, they must only drink distilled water, which is free from any contamination.

Wet Cell Batteries

Using distilled water in batteries prolongs the life of the battery.

Steam Irons

Steam irons remain as new if distilled water is used. This is because you do not get the build-up of minerals that block and soil the steam vents that you would do if tap water were used.  


Laboratories and surgeons use only pure water to sterilise their autoclaves. This prevents the build-up of minerals, which will damage the autoclaves. The inside of a kettle that has boiled only distilled water always looks brand new. There is no build-up of calcium or scaling commonly found in kettles used to boil tap water.

Colloidal Silver

Only distilled water can be used in colloidal silver generators. The use of impure water will cause cloudiness in the solution.


Top-of-the-line photographic studios routinely use pure water as part of the development process to ensure perfect prints every time.


When distilled water is used in water-based printing plates, scumming is avoided. 

If you want to know more about what other pure distilled water uses and what advantages there are, give Refresh Pure Water a call!

What does Refresh Pure Water offer?

Refresh Pure Water is known as the leading pure distilled water supplier and producer of bottled water in pack sizes ranging from 350mL to 15L. We also have available water accessories for sale. The company has factories in Western Australia (Perth and Kalgoorlie), New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane and Toowoomba) and Northern Territory (Darwin). We offer a full range of bottled water, such as but not limited to:

  • 15 L Refresh Pure Water
  • 12 L Refresh Pure Water
  • 10 L Refresh Pure Water
  • 5 L Refresh Pure Water
  • 12 x 1.5 L Refresh Pure Water
  • 600 ml Refresh Pure Water (24 Bottles)

We also have accessories that go well with our Refresh packages:

  • Ceramic Well
  • Plastic Well
  • Wooden Bench
  • Wooden Floor Stand
  • Plastic Drinking Cups

For the best distilled water delivery in Kalgoorlie, Refresh Pure Water is the one to call. Unlike other water distributors, we follow the finest water purification process that effectively removes artificial or natural contaminants. 

To find out more about what we offer, visit our business page by clicking here!

Refresh Pure Water
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