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The Premier Choice for Expert Steel Fabrication and Powder Coating Solutions in Kalgoorlie


The Premier Choice for Expert Steel Fabrication and Powder Coating Solutions in Kalgoorlie

Are you in search of expert steel fabrication and powder coating in Kalgoorlie? Look no further than Roly Industries, a renowned name in the industry known for its exceptional metalwork and installation services. Operating from a fully equipped workshop and office premises in Broadwood, Western Australia, Roly Industries has been setting the standard for quality and precision for over 35 years.

A Family Legacy: Founding and Growth

Established in 1987 by the father and son team, David and Ron, Roly Industries had its humble beginnings in the family home's backyard. Committed to prioritising client needs and delivering high-quality products and services, the company has flourished over the years and now boasts a team of 18 strong individuals. Roly Industries actively engages in apprenticeship training, ensuring the continuity of expertise and dedication to excellence.

With a significant presence in the mining industry, both domestically and internationally, the company has products in Southeast Asia, PNG, New Zealand, and West Africa.

Comprehensive Range of Fabrication Services

Roly Industries takes pride in offering a wide range of metal fabrication services, including but not limited to:

Metal Fabrication

This involves the creation of metal structures and components through cutting, bending, and assembling processes.

Mild Steel Fabrication and Welding

Structures and components created using mild steel. They are very commonly used in various industries for their strength and versatility.

  • Skid Bases (Substation and Pumps): Platforms designed to support heavy equipment such as substations and pumps, providing stability and mobility.
  • Substation Fences (U/G Cuddy and Perimeter): Fencing systems for securing underground cuddy areas and perimeter boundaries of electrical substations.
  • Electrical Substation Enclosures: Fabrication of protective enclosures to house electrical equipment in substations, ensuring safety and functionality.
  • Switchboards and Switchboard Support Frames: Construction of panels housing electrical switches, controls, circuit breakers, and supporting frames for stability.
  • Hooded Support Stands: Stands with protective hoods designed to support various equipment securely.
  • Custom Trailers: Tailored fabrication of trailers for transporting equipment, goods, or materials.
  • Sheds: Construction of versatile sheds for storage, shelter, or workspace purposes.
  • Pump Bases and Guards: Fabrication of bases and protective guards for pumps, ensuring stability and safety.

Got questions about a particular service? Let our expert metal fabricators know so they can take care of your needs!

Aluminium Fabrication and Welding

This service focuses on working with aluminium, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal.

  • Vehicle Carry Rack: Custom racks designed for carrying and transporting items on vehicles.
  • Aluminium Tool Boxes: Durable toolboxes made from aluminium for storage and transportation of tools.
  • Enclosures: Protective enclosures for various applications using lightweight aluminium.

Stainless Steel Fabrication and Welding

This service involves the use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to create various products.

  • Electrical Substation Enclosures: Fabricated enclosures for electrical substations due to their corrosion resistance.
  • Industrial Range Hood: For industrial kitchens to capture and vent cooking fumes.
  • Sample Drying/Calcine Trays: Trays made of stainless steel for drying or calcining samples in industrial processes.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Encompasses a variety of techniques applied to thin metal sheets and involves cutting, hole-punching, and intricate shape cutting. The service also offers powder coating and sandblasting for finishing.

CNC Turret Punch

Precision cutting and hole-punching services using computer-controlled turret punches.

CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

Advanced plasma cutting for precise and intricate shapes in various metals.

Powder Coating and Sandblasting

Finishing services for metal products, providing durability through powder coating and preparing surfaces via sandblasting.

Gold Room and Refractory Supplies

Caters to the unique needs of industries working with precious metals and high-temperature processes.

  • Tongs – Bullion, Crucible, and Assays: Fabrication of specialised tongs for handling precious metals and crucibles used in assays.
  • Bullion Moulds: Molds for shaping precious metal bullion.
  • Furnace Relines and Kits: Refractory materials and kits for maintaining and relining furnaces.
  • Oven Manufacturing and Repairs: Fabrication and repair services for industrial ovens.
  • Crucibles & Stands: Production of crucibles and stands for metallurgical processes.
  • Stainless Steel Trays, Flux Shovels, and Scoops: Stainless steel containers and tools for handling precious metals and flux materials.
  • Personal Safety Equipment: Burner ports, pouring spouts, refractory castings for structural stability, and safety gear like PPE to safeguard workers from potential hazards.
  • Burner Ports and Pouring Spouts: Fabrication of components for controlling and directing the flow of molten materials in industrial processes.
  • Refractory Castings: Custom castings made from refractory materials for various industrial applications.
  • Furnace Locating Key Bricks: Bricks designed for specific furnace applications.
  • Ceramic Fibre Blankets and Vacuum Board: Insulating materials for high-temperature applications.
  • Brick Mortar and Refractory Cement: Materials for constructing and repairing refractory structures in industrial settings.

What Sets This Top Steel Fabricator Apart

Roly Industries is the leading provider of high-quality industrial equipment, and there are several reasons why we stand out from the competition. Here are just a few things that set us apart:

Reliability and Precision

Clients choose Roly Industries for its reliability, as the company is committed to delivering the best products and services in the industry. 

We guarantee to provide top-notch services and products that meet your needs and expectations. The professional welders and steel fabricators at Roly Industries are highly skilled and experienced in handling designing and manufacturing with precision and attention to detail. 

The company has a reputation for delivering quality products and services on time and within budget, making it a reliable partner for clients across industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative designs that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experienced engineers and designers work closely with clients to ensure that every piece of equipment is customised to their unique requirements.

Need more information about the leading local fabrication company in the Goldfields? Don’t hesitate to give Roly Industries a call! 

Quality Materials

At Roly Industries, we use only the highest quality materials and components in the manufacture of our equipment. This ensures our products are not only durable and reliable but also safe and efficient.

We understand that our customers' satisfaction depends on the quality of our products, and that's why we never compromise on quality. We use only the best materials and components in the manufacture of our equipment and subject every product to rigorous testing before it leaves our factory.

Our customers can be confident that when they choose Roly Industries, they are getting the best equipment available. We stand behind our products, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality and service.

Cutting-Edge Technology

To stay ahead of the competition, we are always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing processes. That's why we invested in a CNC Turret Punch, an advanced technology that has enabled us to enhance our competitive edge.

The CNC Turret Punch allows us to manufacture one-off and multiple components with precision and speed. It has been instrumental in producing a wide range of products, including electrical enclosures, substation boards, toolboxes, and more. 

We can create complex shapes and designs quickly and accurately. Our skilled technicians program the machine to punch holes, cut shapes, and bend metal sheets to the exact specifications required by our customers. It has also helped us reduce waste and increase efficiency in our manufacturing process. By using this technology, we can optimise material usage and minimise the need for manual labour, which translates into significant time and cost savings for our customers.

Competitive Pricing

Price is a crucial factor for many of our clients. That's why we strive to keep our prices competitive while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

Everyone deserves access to reliable and efficient conveyor solutions, and we work hard to ensure our services are affordable for businesses of all sizes. With Roly Industries, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Commitment to Education

David and Julie-Anne, the driving force behind Roly Industries, are also committed to providing workplace education for local youngsters. The company hosts an apprenticeship program annually and was honoured as the 'Workplace of The Year' by the Goldfields WorkPlace Education and Training Authority in 2014.

Your One-Stop Shop in Western Australia

From design and fabrication to the finished product, Roly Industries is the one-stop shop in Western Australia that you can trust for all your custom steelworks needs. Visit Roly Industries Pty Ltd’s business page for more detailed information and insights into our services!

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