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The Real Reason Locals Trust This Flooring Shop in Kalgoorlie


The Real Reason Locals Trust This Flooring Shop in Kalgoorlie

Now named Kennedys The Flooring and Blinds Crew, this established flooring shop in Kalgoorlie has been known to provide the best quality products and services to homeowners and renovators in home refurbishing. It is a hub filled with quality flooring and window products and services.

You can search for “flooring shops near me” online, and you’ll see Kennedy’s at the top of the search results! Rest assured, as our flooring store has the knowledge and experience in the industry to answer your needs. Whether it’s luxury vinyl flooring for your living room or Venetian blinds for your bedroom, we are the leading store to provide long-lasting floor covering and window furnishings at the best price.

At Kennedy’s The Flooring and Blinds Crew, you can rely on our crew to help you make the most crucial decisions in making your dream interior a reality. 

Here’s How This Renowned Kalgoorlie Flooring Store Came To Be

Like many modern-day success stories, Kennedy’s The Flooring and Blinds Crew can be traced to humble beginnings.

It started in 1959 when a small group of independent Victorian furniture retailers met to discuss the possibility of forming an association. As a result of this initial meeting, Newfurn Floor Coverings Ltd was formed. In 1993, they launched Carpet Choice with 17 stores in Victoria. After a further brand update, the business became Choices Flooring and rapidly grew across Australia.

The business has arguably become Australia’s most progressive retail floor coverings group and a major force in the Australian retail sector.

Currently owned and operated by Denise and Colin Rule and now with its new name, these new owners strive to continue the same service Choices Flooring has established for homeowners and renovators doing home refurbishings.

Our key promise is at the heart of our business to help you find the flooring you’ve been searching for. Our team of specialists in flooring and furnishing installation is ready to offer expert advice and explore options that fit the styling needs of your project. 

What You Need To Know About What We’re Offering

In retrospect, we understand how purchasing the type of carpet and flooring is a big decision. That’s why we continually evolve our in-store and online experience to ensure we can help you in the best way possible. We can provide homeowners with quality products, such as but not limited to: 

  • Carpet Flooring
  • Timber Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • Rigid/Hybrid Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Tiles
  • Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Rugs
  • Blinds & Shutters
    • Panel Glides
    • Roller Blinds
    • Roman Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Venetians

In our flooring shop, you can choose from over 3,000 colours, designs and textures across the carpet, hard flooring, rugs, and window furnishings ranges. Durability and easy maintenance aren’t compromised with the choices of colour and style we have in stock. 

We have wool carpets that bring a beautiful, unique feel to the home – a very natural choice. We also have asthma and allergy-friendly carpets for those who experience hypersensitive reactions. Or, if luxury is what you speak of, we have luxuriously soft and undeniably stylish carpet floorings – the optimum choice for such premium tastes.

You can also explore our range of flooring. Bring the exquisite feel of the outdoors inside your home with top-quality timber flooring. There are also earthy-looking laminate floorings without the timber price tag. Try our rigid hybrid floorings if you’re up for combining enticing textures with versatility and waterproofing. 

If you’re searching for a stylish and practical hard flooring solution that’s slightly different from the norm, Bamboo is another option. Bamboo flooring is durable, attractive, and available in various colours. 

On another note, tiles make a great choice when covering your walls and floors – they’re very stylish and durable. Do you want to tile a splashback? Floor? Countertop? Perhaps, your walls? Don’t worry! We’ve got porcelain and ceramic. In general, they’re pretty easy to maintain and clean. 

From allergy-friendly, pet-friendly and eco-friendly to family-friendly, hard-wearing and even low-maintenance floorings, we’ve got everything you could ever need. Just take your pick!

There are many elements to consider in decorating your home. You may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of designs, styles, and textures to choose from. Fortunately, we can help you design from the floor up. Our staff are more than willing to give you the help and support you need to choose the right stuff for your project. From visiting our flooring showroom and selecting and buying in-store to delivering it to your home and up until installation – Kennedys is with you in every step.

Our team can also give you styling advice, delivery and installation services, and free in-house consultations from our wide selection of flooring and window furnishing options.

At Kennedys The Flooring and Blinds Crew, we provide our customers with a professional touch. You can trust our team to look for new and improved ways to help you find the products and services that will satisfy your expectations!

Visit Kennedys The Flooring and Blinds Crew’s business page for more information!

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