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What Makes This Helicopter Services Provider in Kalgoorlie Different From Other Companies


What Makes This Helicopter Services Provider in Kalgoorlie Different From Other Companies

When locals think of the leading provider of the best helicopter services in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, three words come into mind – Circle H Helicopters. We’re known to provide a safe, efficient and first-class aerial support service to various industry and community groups in the region. We also do private and personalised aerial services.

Located in Kalgoorlie, the hub of the Goldfields, the company started in 2016 as a local family-owned and operated business. We are centrally located to effectively service the Goldfields, Esperance, and Nullarbor, as well as the Midwest and Wheatbelt regions. 

Our fleet comprises, Robinson R22 and R44 Aircraft, proven industry workhorses and offers excellent versatility. These machines are the safest and toughest but can get down and dirty and into all those hard-to-reach places.

At Circle H, we pride ourselves on providing safe and efficient local aerial solutions, such as but not limited to:

  • Airwork, Mining + Industry Support
    • Aerial Survey, Spotting and Site Inspections
    • Charter and Personnel Transfer
    • Remote Access
    • Search and Rescue with Minor Medivac capability
    • Photography and Filming
    • Scenic Flights
      • Joy Flight - Kalgoorlie and Surrounds
      • Heli-Tour Packages
      • Event Support
      • Custom Flight Options 
      • Urgent Freight
        • Internal and External Loads
        • Sling Loads
      • Aerial Mustering + Property Support
        • Mustering
        • Feral Animal Control
        • Property Inspections
        • Wet Season Support

      We have a strong passion for diversity and commitment to all of our clients. Our team of pilots come from diverse industry backgrounds, with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure a provision of service that is customisable to any needs and will guarantee satisfaction. 

      Not only do our pilots love what they do – they thrive on the ability to share our exciting industry with you. Our hearts lie on the land, and our hands are worn with experience. 

      Harry, our mustering pilot, has over 20 years of experience actively working in the agricultural industry from Queensland, Northern Territory, to Western Australia. He has a wealth of industry knowledge, not only in the air. 

      Understanding What The Leading Helicopter Charter in Kalgoorlie Can Offer

      Recent years have seen the industry in the Goldfields BOOM; more than ever, efficiency and precision are imperative to success. 

      With an average speed of 180 km/hour and a birds-eye view, any inspection by our helicopter is incredible. Enhanced by its ability to stop, turn, look closer and land when and where you need it – there is no other solution for your needs.

      If you’re going to many sites, seeing people and have places to visit - we've got you covered! We can assist in getting you or your people quickly from point A to B. We are direct, and we understand how downtime is costly. 

      Our stock mustering service strongly focuses on a proven "stress-free handling" technique. The aim is to ensure your livestock are kept in the best condition possible from the start of the journey.  

      We ensure our helicopters provide a targeted control approach. We hold a current air operator certificate with adequate industry approvals for aerial stock and feral animal control. You can provide your own shooter, or we have a list of casa-approved “shooters” with whom we work closely. Rest assured, they are remarkably skilled and experienced in their work. 

      On the other hand, if you need a stock count, are hunting for a new water source or yard site, pipelines or roads to build, or are concerned about dry weather conditions, Circle H can assess your property from the air to save you time and all the guesswork. 

      We can also assist you in checking feed supplies or shifting any livestock to safer, higher ground. Or, if you need pumps or windmills checked, fixed or turned off, we can also do it for you. We can sling any feed, drinking water, diesel, etc., to keep all aspects of your property operating while you enjoy the much-needed weather.

      We have the ability to safely access and work in some of the most remote locations of Western Australia. Our aircrafts are equipped for various remote scenarios and are fitted with GPS, satellite phones, tracking systems and ELT devices. 

      Search and Rescue (SAR) jobs will always take immediate priority. We work closely with Western Australian government organisations in local search and rescue operations. For broken bones or minor injuries, we happily assist in any retrieval within our limitations. However, conditions do apply regarding the patient's condition. Kindly contact us for more information.

      Don't have a photographer? We regularly work with brilliant aerial photographers and are happy to find a perfect match for your requirements. Our operating approvals allow photography and filming services from our R22 and R44 helicopters. Each has perks, depending on the type of shot you are looking for. 

      Want to know more about our Kalgoorlie helicopter flights? Visit Circle H Helicopters’ business page to read more now!

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