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What Makes This Trusted Underground Utility Company in Kalgoorlie The Right Choice


What Makes This Trusted Underground Utility Company in Kalgoorlie The Right Choice

Goldfields Utility Services is a professional underground utility company. We deliver high-quality jobs for underground utility installation needs in Kalgoorlie and throughout the southern and central regions of Western Australia.

Based in Kalgoorlie, we are one of the known utility installation service providers and drilling companies known to provide high-quality directional drilling, trenching and locating services for projects of all sizes. We also have accredited DBYD and Telstra locators who can locate underground services such as power, communications, water pipes and gas mains quickly and competently. 

Currently, our services local utility installation and utility locating services extend to the Goldfields, Esperance and Wheatbelt areas of the state.

We believe in being flexible in our approach to providing underground utility installation and locating services. Using state of the art technology and modern installation techniques, we install underground utilities such as power conduits and cables, water pipes, telecommunications cables, and gas mains to various sectors in the region. 

For any underground projects that require boring, trenching or excavation, Goldfields Utility Services has you covered. We offer horizontal boring (directional drilling) underneath footpaths, roads or other surfaces when trenching or excavating isn’t practical. With a proactive approach to bore drilling, trenching, and excavation, we can guarantee a result exceeding your expectations for quality.

Our staff are fully trained, competent, and has extensive experience working on and around underground utility services, including: 

  • Power 
  • Water 
  • Communications 
  • Gas

You can trust Goldfields Utility Services to provide directional drilling, trenching, and locating services with a highly experienced team of bore drillers and a fleet of well-serviced vehicles and quality equipment.

Want to know what this utility installation and location services provider can do for you? Visit Goldfields Utility Services’ business page to learn more now!

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