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What You Need To Know About This Industrial Air Filter Cleaning Specialist in Kalgoorlie-Boulder


What You Need To Know About This Industrial Air Filter Cleaning Specialist in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

As our major resource companies and contractors continually look to drive down operational and maintenance costs without any compromise to company assets, personnel health and safety and the environment, cleaning air filters by a reputable and accredited air filter cleaning company is certainly a prudent method. This would deliver significant savings with the added benefit of creating environmental awareness and contribution.

Air filter cleaning companies have been servicing the WA industrial and resource sectors for more than 40 years. The previous misconception of not cleaning filters is a thing of the past and is now seen as a beneficial service in more ways than one.

Air filter cleaning is now an integral part of a maintenance process and purchase plan when it comes to financial and environmental planning and awareness. The reduction in filter consumables, added to the financial and environmental benefits, makes it a very attractive service for maintenance and purchasing officers.

Combining the experience and expertise of three long-standing Western Australian air filter cleaning companies, Managing Director David Solomons explains the rationale behind the acquisitions & amalgamation of Vibra Air Filter Cleaning, Pure Air Filters and Air Filter Dry Clean Systems WA.

“We have a purpose-built facility in Perth with ISO9001 accredited dry cleaning and wet washing processes, where we offer our clients the appropriate cleaning and testing method for their filters, not just a single method. Some filters may require a combination of cleaning and testing processes in order for us to achieve the optimum results.

We cater for open cut / underground mining operations, gas pipeline filtration, exploration and heavy-duty earthmoving industries.

Each business brings its unique method of cleaning & testing. Most importantly, we are privileged to have a workforce with a combined industry experience of over 100 years, which allows us to provide superior work standards and exceptional customer service. When filters arrive for cleaning, our staff can determine the cleaning process that is best suited for each filter and client’s needs. Harnessing the appropriate cleaning method allows us to achieve maximum results and optimum performance from the cleaned filters. This contributes to significant financial savings and environmental benefits for our clients.

As all customers’ specific requirements vary, we are able to customise a solution to meet their particular needs. When customers’ operations are located in remote areas throughout the Pilbara, Goldfields and Mid West regions, we set up a container rotation for them. We offer complimentary use of our containers for filter transportation purposes between the site and our facility. This ensures there are always sufficient cleaned filters on site whilst others are in transit or being cleaned. This creates an efficient and effective supply of cleaned filters in order to meet our clients’ work demands.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will gladly be of assistance to meet your specific needs.”

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