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Why Local Companies Prefer These Engineering Contractors in Kalgoorlie


Why Local Companies Prefer These Engineering Contractors in Kalgoorlie

NJ Industries Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company with expert engineering contractors that provide quality drill rig modifications and general fabrications throughout Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 

The company has developed a solid reputation amongst Kalgoorlie’s leading steel fabricators & suppliers as a reliable provider of quality fabricated steel components and assemblies. We provide services to the mining, industrial, and commercial markets in the Goldfields region. 

That’s why NJ Industries is the best choice for a construction or engineering project requiring quality steel fabrication and supplies!

Getting to Know This Provider of High-Quality Steel Fabrication & Supplies in Kalgoorlie

As one of the industry’s renowned names, we ensure you get the quality supplies and services you need. Our team of licensed steel fabricators and powder coaters is more than ready to deliver your metal fabrications, drill rig modifications, welding repairs and boilermaking, and other general fabrications services needs. We have the workforce and technology to provide all steel fabrication for multi-level construction projects.  

We also take pride in our knowledge and understanding of the industries we serve. That’s why we have no problem providing quality engineering services to the mining, industrial, and commercial sectors in the Goldfields region.

On the other hand, we also conform with the industrial and safety standards for fabricated steel and structural work in Australia. This is to operate with quality assurance that satisfies your requirements. 

You can trust our engineers and metal fabricators at NJ Industries when it comes to quality workmanship and services. With exceptional facilities and dedicated and experienced personnel, we guarantee that we can meet your quantity, quality, and delivery requirements.

Want to know more about the leading steel fabrication specialist in Kalgoorlie? Visit NJ Industries Pty Ltd’s business page to find out now!

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