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Why This Mining Contractor In Kalgoorlie Is Worth Your Trust


Why This Mining Contractor In Kalgoorlie Is Worth Your Trust

Are you looking for a mining contractor in Kalgoorlie that provides excellent services without compromising safety and work downtime? 

Someone who delivers efficient and cost-effective contracting services that cater to your specific needs and requirements? 

Then, Terry Contracting Pty Ltd is the best choice for you! 

Terry Contracting Pty Ltd is in the mining and contracting business, providing equipment hire and mining minesite rehabilitation works throughout Western Australia. We have a depth of experience in this field and have been continually investing and cultivating our processes.

Our experienced mining and earthmoving contractors are more than ready to provide you with quality services, such as but not limited to:

  • Loader Hire Services
  • Drill Lines/Sumps
  • Rehab
  • Any Loader Requirements
  • Exploration

With a workshop facility based in Kalgoorlie, we are well-equipped to tackle any job given.

At Terry Contracting, we make sure you receive the best services with minimal downtime at a fair price.

To get the best rehabilitation and exploration clearing services, it is necessary to have professionals look after the job. That’s why Terry Contracting Pty Ltd ensures you get reliable and quality services. We are committed to a proactive and innovative approach to our people, equipment and safety. 

Feel free to contact our professional team at 9022 3107 or 0428 681 048.

For more information on Terry Contracting Pty Ltd, contact the team at, or visit Terry Contracting Pty Ltd’s business page here and get to learn more about them now!

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