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Why You Should Choose This Reputable Freight and Transport Company in Kalgoorlie


Why You Should Choose This Reputable Freight and Transport Company in Kalgoorlie

Fastparts Road Express is a freight and transport company that provides trusted, prompt, and affordable courier services. We are one of the leading courier companies that deliver your package at the right time and in the right place. 

Our services have supported the communities’ transport and delivery needs in Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields region for the last 20 years. Some of the industries we currently serve include the construction, oil & gas, mining and automotive industries — to name a few. 

If you need a courier service Australia wide, Fastparts Road Express is the best choice. We can pick your freight up — anywhere, any place, any time, any day!

No courier company delivers as promptly as we do. We take pride in offering excellent freight services for companies that demand the best courier service. 

We offer courier services, excess baggage, package/parcel delivery services throughout Australia, express document courier and international courier services, domestic courier services, and air and sea courier services with tracking available.

Unrivalled for our services, our speciality is outbound to anywhere in Australia. We deliver packages with an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), saving both downtime and money. We are professionally-minded and take pride in making your delivery experience stress-free and straightforward. 

Fastparts Road Express’s pricing models are flexible and depend on the volume of the package you will be sending and the level of service you will be availing of.

Why Fastparts Road Express Is The Leading Delivery Services in Australia 

Like Fastparts Road Express, hotshot carriers can provide a flexible expedited service to those in need despite being called on short notice. We can get your freight there on the double with our team of highly trained professional drivers.

Also, we have extended our service network around the world through our own subsidiary offices, joint ventures, representative offices and franchisees abroad.

You may need a company that will also be by your side when you need them most. That’s why at Fast Parts Road Express, we pride ourselves on being available 365 days a year just for you at just a phone call away.

If it fits on our trucks, Fast Parts Road Express has no problem delivering it!

Visit Fast Parts Road Express’s business page and get to know what the best courier service in Western Australia can offer you!

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