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Why You Should Improve Your Property with Roller Shutters: Insights from the Best Roller Shutter Specialist in Kalgoorlie


Why You Should Improve Your Property with Roller Shutters: Insights from the Best Roller Shutter Specialist in Kalgoorlie

Where weather conditions can be diverse, and security is a priority, roller shutters emerge as a versatile and practical solution for residential and commercial properties. 

In this blog, the best roller shutter specialist in Kalgoorlie, Southern Shutters, will guide you through the world of roller shutters, providing insights into the different types available and helping you make informed decisions about the most suitable option for your unique needs.

Who is Southern Shutters?

Southern Shutters stands as the unrivalled specialist in roller shutters, offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing sales, installation, maintenance, and repair. Established in 2002, the company boasts decades of experience in both the roller shutter and building and construction industries. Despite the rapid growth, Southern Shutters remains a family-owned and operated entity, with a dedicated team trained extensively in the diverse product range.

Decades of Expertise: A Family Legacy

Since its inception over 20 years ago, Southern Shutters has been a stalwart in servicing Southwest, Kalgoorlie, and regional Western Australia. The company's commitment to quality products and excellent customer service has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for roller shutters. As a family-owned business, the legacy of expertise is passed down through generations, ensuring a tradition of excellence.

Understanding the Basics: Roller Shutters 101

Definition and Purpose: Roller shutters are protective coverings that consist of horizontal slats or bars hinged together. They are designed to enhance security, provide insulation, and offer protection against various environmental factors.

Operation: Roller shutters can be manually operated, motorised, or even automated, allowing for easy control and customisation.

Different Types of Roller Shutters Available

Southern Shutters takes pride in offering a diverse range of roller shutters to cater to various requirements, applications, and budgets. The product range includes:

  • Barrier Screens (Perforated Aluminium Screens & Doors)
  • Cyclone Roller Doors
  • Cyclone Screens
  • Cyclone Sectional Garage Doors
  • External Louvres
  • Lifestyle Roller Screens
  • Roller Garage Doors
  • Roller Shutters Sectional Garage Doors

Moreover, our products are:

  • Custom, Australian-made for your home
  • Multi-faceted (Reduces Heat in Summer, Heat Loss in Winter, Light, Noise, Increase Security)
  • Available in manual or motorised
  • A huge colour selection is available
  • Payment plans $0 deposit for approved applicants (T+C’s apply)

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roller Shutters

Security Shutter Requirements:

Material Strength:

  • Steel: Offers high-level security, ideal for commercial properties.
  • Aluminium: Provides a balance between security and aesthetics for residential use.

Locking Mechanism:

  • Central Locking: Ensures all slats are securely locked.
  • Bullet Locks: Additional security feature preventing forced entry.

Weather Resistance:

Insulation Properties:

  • Polyurethane-filled Slat: Enhances insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Double-Walled Aluminum: Provides resistance against extreme temperatures.

Wind Resistance:

  • High Wind Ratings: Important for areas prone to strong winds, such as Kalgoorlie.
  • Wind Guides: Reduce the risk of damage during windy conditions.

Ease of Operation:

Manual vs. Motorised:

  • Manual: Cost-effective and suitable for smaller properties.
  • Motorised: Convenient and ideal for larger properties or commercial spaces.

Remote Control and Automation:

  • Remote Operation: Provides added convenience.
  • Automation: Suitable for those looking to integrate shutters into a smart home system.

Aesthetic Preferences:

Built-in vs. Built-on:

  • Built-in: Offers a seamless appearance.
  • Built-on: Visible but can be customised for aesthetic appeal.

Colour and Finish Options:

  • Powder-Coated Finishes: Resistant to fading and corrosion.
  • Wood-Look Finishes: Mimic the appearance of timber for a natural aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Roller Shutter for Your Property

Security and Material Strength:

Consider Property Type:

Identify the level of security required based on whether it is a residential or commercial property.

Evaluate Material Options:

Choose materials such as steel or aluminium based on security and aesthetic preferences.

Weather Resistance and Insulation:

Assess Weather Conditions:

Consider Kalgoorlie's climate and choose shutters with suitable insulation properties.

Prioritise Wind Resistance:

Select shutters with high wind ratings and wind guides for added protection.

Ease of Operation and Convenience:

Evaluate Property Size:

Determine whether manual or motorised shutters are more suitable based on property size.

Consider Remote Operation:

Opt for remote control or automation for added convenience, especially for larger properties.

Aesthetic Preferences and Integration:

Assess Architectural Style:

Choose between built-in and built-on options based on the property's architectural style.

Explore Finish Options:

Consider colour and finish options to complement the property's aesthetic.

Commitment to Quality Service: From Contact to Roller Shutter Installation

Southern Shutters maintains a steadfast commitment to providing quality service at every stage of the customer journey. From the initial contact to installation and follow-up, the company ensures that each interaction is positive and seamless. The dedication to quality extends beyond the product, creating a holistic experience for customers.

Expert Technicians: Ensuring Optimal Performance

If your roller shutters are not functioning optimally or are experiencing issues, Southern Shutters has a team of expert technicians ready to assist. The services include:

Roller Shutter Repairs:

  • Comprehensive repairs for all makes of aluminium window roller shutters
  • Addressing issues related to functionality or noise
  • Ensuring the longevity of roller shutters

Insurance Claims Assistance:

  • Extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies
  • Providing quotes for repairs or replacements needed for insurance claims
  • Facilitating a smooth process for customers

Scheduled Maintenance: Preserving Longevity

To ensure the longevity of roller shutters and garage roller doors, Southern Shutters emphasises the importance of scheduled maintenance. We recommend annual servicing for garage roller doors, with larger doors requiring servicing every six months. This proactive approach allows for early detection of issues and ensures optimal functionality.

Spare Parts Availability: A Commitment to Accessibility

Understanding the need for spare parts, Southern Shutters offers accessibility to a wide range of spare parts for aluminium roller shutters. The process is simplified:

Spare Part Procurement:

  • Comprehensive stock for most types of aluminium window roller shutters
  • Quick sourcing, pricing, and delivery of spare parts
  • Customer-friendly process requiring a description and a photo

Explore Southern Shutters: Leading the Industry

For those seeking unparalleled roller shutters and garage doors, Southern Shutters stands as a leading supplier in Australia. Explore the extensive offerings and services by visiting Southern Shutters’s business page. Discover why Southern Shutters is the preferred choice for quality, reliability, and excellence in the roller shutter industry!

Southern Shutters
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