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Your Trusted Waste Management Services & Environmental Solutions Provider in Kalgoorlie


Your Trusted Waste Management Services & Environmental Solutions Provider in Kalgoorlie

If you’re looking for a local company that specialises in waste management services, then Veolia’s got you covered. With our knowledge and global expertise, we provide waste to energy systems and environmental solutions in Kalgoorlie that help overcome the challenges of waste recycling solid and liquid management.

Based in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Veolia is the only integrated environmental solutions provider working across the community’s heavy industry, commercial, and municipal sectors. With over 40 years of experience in energy, water, and waste recycling management, we help cities and industries manage, optimise, and make the most of their resources.  

We provide an array of water, energy, and materials solutions, focusing on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy. 

A Quick Introduction of The Services of This Waste Management Company

Veolia’s industry experts have successfully implemented a range of environmental solutions for mining, metals, oil and gas, and other industrial clients. We partner with our customers and cities to develop clean, low-carbon, water resilient and digital operations.

We help clients improve their businesses and environmental performance through energy, industrial, waste and water services solutions. Offering related services, such as:

  • Recycling Waste Services
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Industrial Services
  • Water Services
  • Energy Services
  • Household & Residents
  • Integrated Environmental Services

Our team guarantees long-term results by providing quality services and leveraging our capacity for innovation. We strive to understand the nature of our customers’ business, uncovering the challenges as opportunities for transformation and success. 

A flexible approach is made to deliver the right solution to our customers. Our local team values your opinion - no matter how simple or complex your requirement is.

As the leading waste management centre in Kalgoorlie, our business is built on servicing our customers. We’ll always go the extra mile to be the partner you can count on.

These Are The Benefits You Can Get From Choosing Veolia

We have local and widespread experience across a diverse number of industries, backed by a global organisation that connects us to innovative, best-practice technologies and project expertise.

The safety of our customers, our people and yours is our number one priority and underpins everything we do. As such, we take pride in our enviable safety record, ensuring we follow gold-standard procedures to protect this.

Moreover, our approach to sustainability is also what’s central to our business. We focus on fostering and supporting sustainable outcomes, not only for the company but for our clients and the local communities in which we operate and live.

This is demonstrated in our “Always Safe” mantra and accreditations across a range of standards, including ISO 9001 (Business Systems), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45000 (Safety), ISO 22000 (HACCP Water) and ISO 55000 (Asset Management).

Also, we have dedicated specialists, ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operations from resource allocation to developing new technologies, goal setting to policy creation, and employee retention and client management.

With our proficient knowledge and expertise in waste to energy systems solutions, Veolia can help you overcome the challenges of waste recycling solid and liquid management.

Want to know more? Visit Veolia’s business page here to learn more about our waste management company and solutions now!

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