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How We Became the Leading Battery Shop in Kalgoorlie


How We Became the Leading Battery Shop in Kalgoorlie

If you’re looking for a battery shop complete from the largest truck battery even to the smallest button battery, then Batteries N More is the best choice!

You don’t have to type “batteries shop near me” on Google or worry about searching for batteries online because Batteries N More can provide it to you. 

Based in Kalgoorlie, we are one of the trusted batteries shops where you can find your battery replacement or anything related. We stock batteries and electronic related products you need in the household, workshop, farm, camping and leisure, marine, and even industrial.

At Batteries N More, we provide the following products, such as but not limited to:

  • Trucks, Machinery
  • Cars, Motorcycles
  • Boating, Marine
  • Deep-cycle
  • Mobile, Cordless Phones
  • Cameras Camcorders
  • Security Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Solar Panels Recreational and Domestic 
  • Computer Power Supplies, Leads & Accessories

If you’re looking for the best place to buy batteries online, Batteries N More can easily solve that problem for you. Not only that, but we carry a range of accessories such as 12v to 240v inverters, Brass Monkey fridges, 12v lighting, testing equipment, Red Arc dual battery systems, and an extensive range of chargers.

Our products go way beyond batteries. We also carry a range of Jaycar products. Like the Photon Mono UV resin printer that creates highly detailed and smooth 3D prints along with a curing machine and a 500ml resin with colours black, grey, clear, blue, and green. 

Going holiday camping? We have modified sine wave inverters suitable for charging your laptops in the bush to running a small microwave in a motor home. There’s also a portable gas water heater with adjustable temperature, water flow and showerhead. Or portable stoves to cook and warm up food whilst on the road or at a campsite. For lighting, we have portable LED work lights with exceptional light outputs. We also have handheld radios that are compact and lightweight. 

In addition, we have agile and robust mini quadcopters and drones. There are also remote control cars and crawlers with an HD camera mounted on top. 

We have buildable and play kits like solar or remote-controlled robot construction kits. One of our bestsellers is Tobbie, the robot hexapod kit, where you can build a six-legged robot that can walk and spin in any direction. 

Whether it’s rechargeable batteries, chargers, or batteries for your caravan campers, we are the best batteries supplier that has all types of batteries stocked in our inventory!

Helping You Select the Best Battery You Need 

We can help you with product selection. Our team will keep you informed of the do’s and don’ts of battery use and advise you on the best way to set up your battery and accessory configurations.

In addition, to bring our customers the very best products and services, we have made strategic alliances with some of the biggest names in the industry to cater to any situation where you need batteries.

You really can’t go past Batteries N More for handy, helpful information backed by a great range of batteries and electronics to make your life easier. 

Visit Batteries N More’s business page here and learn more about us now!

Batteries N More
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