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Why Locals Trust This Provider of Transportable Buildings for Storage and Hire in Kalgoorlie


Why Locals Trust This Provider of Transportable Buildings for Storage and Hire in Kalgoorlie

Finding reliable providers of transportable buildings for storage and hire in Kalgoorlie can be a daunting task. Fortunately, locals turn to Goldfields Transportables, a trusted name in the industry renowned for our top-notch services and unparalleled expertise. 

But how does Goldfields Transportables differ from other providers? Good thing you asked! Let's delve into what makes us the go-to choice for all your container needs!

Unravelling Goldfields Transportables: A Beacon of Trust

Locally owned and operated, Goldfields Transportables specialise in the sales, hire, and storage of transportable buildings, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Container Sales & Hire
    • 10 ft
    • 20 ft GP Second-Hand/Brand-New
    • 20 ft & 40 ft High Cube
    • 20 ft & 40 ft Side Door
  • Offices
  • Poly Water Tank Sales
    • 10,000 Ltrs.
    • 23,000 Ltrs.
    • 25,000 Ltrs.
  • Transport Tilt Tray Trucks
  • Container Parts

Whether you're in need of shipping container hire services for a short-term project or a long-term storage solution, we have you covered with our extensive range of options!

The Benefits of Transportable Buildings for Storage and Hire

The use of transportable buildings for storage and hire is very crucial in the bustling mining hub of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, where operational demands are high, and infrastructure needs are diverse. Especially, when these versatile structures offer a range of benefits tailored to the unique requirements of the dynamic industries. 

Mobility and Flexibility

Transportable buildings are specifically designed to be easily moved and assembled at various locations, providing exceptional mobility and flexibility. They can be quickly reconfigured or relocated to adapt to changing operational needs or to support temporary projects and workforce accommodation, making them an ideal solution for businesses that require versatile and adaptable facilities.

Rapid Deployment

The use of prefabricated components and modular construction techniques allows for the swift deployment of transportable buildings, resulting in reduced lead times and minimal disruption to ongoing operations. This agility is particularly valuable in Kalgoorlie-Boulder's fast-paced mining environment, where time is of the essence.


Transportable buildings offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar structures, resulting in significant savings in construction, labour, and site preparation costs. They provide a flexible solution that aligns with budget constraints and allows for incremental expansion or downsizing as needed, making them a practical and scalable option for businesses looking to optimise their operations and resources.

Customisation Options

Transportable buildings are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes, providing tailored solutions to meet specific storage, accommodation, or operational requirements. From basic storage units to fully equipped offices, amenities, and workshops, the customisation options are vast, making it possible to create a building that perfectly fits your unique needs.

Quality and Durability

Despite their portability, transportable buildings are designed to meet rigorous quality standards and withstand the harsh climate of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. They are constructed using high-quality materials and insulation systems that ensure durability, longevity, and protection against extreme temperatures and weather conditions, allowing businesses to operate in a safe and secure environment.

Applications of Transportable Buildings

Storage Facilities

Transportable buildings serve as practical storage solutions for equipment, tools, spare parts, and bulk materials at mining sites, construction projects, and industrial facilities, resulting in cost savings for businesses. They can be customised with shelving, racking, and security features to optimise storage capacity and protect valuable assets, making them a secure and efficient option for businesses that require reliable and affordable storage solutions.

Temporary Accommodation

Transportable buildings provide comfortable and functional accommodation for workers, contractors, and project teams in remote mining camps and exploration sites. Modular living quarters, kitchens, dining facilities, and recreation areas enhance living standards and promote employee well-being in challenging environments, making them a practical and humane solution for businesses that need to provide comfortable and safe living spaces for their employees.

Office and Administrative Spaces

Transportable buildings provide versatile office and administrative spaces for project management, operations, and support functions in remote locations, resulting in cost savings for businesses. They can be outfitted with modern amenities, communication systems, and furnishings to create productive work environments for staff and personnel, making them a practical and efficient option for businesses that require flexible and adaptable office spaces.

Need trusted portable storage solutions? Give Goldfields Transportables a call!

Tips for Choosing the Right Transportable Building for Your Storage Needs

With a lot of options available, ranging from basic storage units to fully equipped workshops, making an informed decision requires careful consideration of various factors. See valuable tips to help you choose the perfect transportable building to meet your storage needs.

Assess Your Storage Requirements

Determine Your Space Needs

  • Evaluate the quantity and dimensions of items you need to store, including equipment, tools, spare parts, and materials.
  • Consider future growth and expansion requirements to ensure the chosen transportable building can accommodate your evolving storage needs.

Identify Specific Storage Needs

  • Determine if you require specialised storage features such as shelving, racking, climate control, or security systems to protect valuable assets.
  • Consider the nature of the items being stored, including any requirements for ventilation, insulation, or hazardous materials containment.

Consider Site Constraints and Regulations

Assess Site Conditions

  • Evaluate the terrain, accessibility, and available space at your site to determine the optimal location and configuration for the transportable building.
  • When planning the installation of the storage unit, consider factors such as ground stability, drainage, and proximity to utilities.

Understand Regulatory Requirements

  • Familiarise yourself with local zoning regulations, building codes, and permitting requirements governing the installation of transportable buildings in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental, safety, and land use regulations to avoid potential delays or issues during the installation process.

Evaluate Structural Features and Quality

Assess Construction Materials

  • Examine the quality and durability of materials used in the construction of the transportable building, including walls, roof, flooring, and framing.
  • Opt for high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh climate and environmental conditions prevalent in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Consider Insulation and Ventilation

  • Insulation and ventilation are essential for maintaining optimal storage conditions and protecting stored items from temperature extremes, moisture, and condensation.
  • Choose a transportable building with adequate insulation and ventilation systems tailored to the climate and storage requirements of the region.

Explore Customisation Options

Tailor to Your Needs

  • Look for transportable building suppliers that offer customisation options to tailor the design, layout, and features to your specific storage needs.
  • Discuss customisation requirements such as door configurations, access ramps, lighting, and security features with the supplier to ensure they meet your expectations.

Consider Modular Expansion

  • Modular transportable buildings offer the flexibility to expand or reconfigure storage space as needed, allowing for seamless adaptation to changing storage requirements.
  • Explore modular options that allow for easy addition of extensions, partitions, or accessories to accommodate future growth and operational changes.

Looking for shipping container accessories? Don’t hesitate to call Goldfields Transportables!

Factor in Budget and Long-Term Costs

Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership

  • Consider not only the upfront cost of purchasing or hiring a transportable building but also the long-term costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and operational expenses.
  • Assess the total cost of ownership over the expected lifespan of the building to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and financial objectives.

Compare Pricing and Value

  • Request quotes from multiple transportable building suppliers to compare pricing, features, and value propositions.
  • Balance cost considerations with quality, reliability, and suitability to ensure you get the best value for your investment in a storage solution.

Seek Recommendations and Reviews

Research Supplier Reputation

  • Look for reputable transportable building suppliers, like Goldfields Transportables, with a proven track record of delivering quality products and reliable services.
  • Seek recommendations from industry peers, read customer reviews, and visit supplier facilities or showrooms to assess product quality and customer satisfaction.

Engage in Consultation and Site Visits

  • We recommend scheduling consultations to discuss your storage needs, assess available options, and receive expert advice on the most suitable transportable building for your requirements.
  • Arrange site visits or demonstrations to evaluate product quality, construction techniques, and customisation capabilities firsthand before making a final decision.

Setting the Bar Higher: What Makes Goldfields Transportables Stand Out

With an in-depth understanding of the industry and years of experience, the team at Goldfields Transportables is well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes its way. From safe and secure storage containers to efficient transport solutions, we ensure every aspect of your logistics needs is taken care of with precision and care.

A Trusted Partner: Why Choose Goldfields Transportables

When it comes to container delivery and transport solutions, trust is everything. We, at Goldfields Transportables, understand the importance of reliability and integrity in the logistics industry, which is why we go the extra mile to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust that we are the best partner you can rely on for all your container needs.

Visit Goldfields Transportables' business page to discover how we can cater to your container needs with professionalism, reliability, and expertise.

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