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Your Trusted Batteries Shop in Kalgoorlie


Your Trusted Batteries Shop in Kalgoorlie

Are you looking for rechargeable batteries? Or, maybe a batteries supplier that has all types of batteries stocked in their inventory? Say no more!

Based in Kalgoorlie, Batteries N More is a batteries shop that stocks not only batteries but also electronic related products you need in the household, workshop, farm, camping and leisure, marine, and even industrial.

We are the place to find your battery replacement or anything related. From the smallest button battery to the largest truck battery, we are your complete batteries shop.

At Batteries N More, we provide the following products, such as but not limited to:

  • Trucks, Machinery
  • Cars, Motorcycles
  • Boating, Marine
  • Deep-cycle
  • Mobile, Cordless Phones
  • Cameras Camcorders
  • Security Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Solar Panels Recreational and Domestic 
  • Computer Power Supplies, Leads & Accessories

We also carry a range of accessories such as 12v to 240v inverters, Brass Monkey fridges, 12v lighting, Testing equipment, Red Arc dual battery systems, and an extensive range of chargers.

To bring our customers the very best in battery power, we have made strategic alliances with some of the big names in the battery and electronics industry so we can cater to any situation where you need batteries.

Batteries N More: Our team will help you select the best battery you need. 

You don’t only get help in product selection; we keep you informed of the do’s and don’ts of battery use and advise you in the best way to set up your battery and accessory configurations.

If you are looking to buy a battery to do a particular electronic job, you really can’t go past Batteries N More for handy, helpful information backed by a great range of battery and electronics to make your life easier.

Visit Batteries N More’s business page here and get to learn more about them now!

Batteries N More
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