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Allrid Pest Management


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About Us

Allrid has been trusted for over 40 years and are professionals in residential and commercial pest management. We have a wealth of experience to tackle all pest problems and have a reputation for superior service, expert knowledge, and sensible pricing.

For your peace of mind, we are a valued member of the Pest Management Industries governing body ‘AEPMA’, which ensures we adhere to an excellent service standard. We also offer a free quote on enquiry giving you an easy way to begin your pest management journey.

General Pest Treatments

Allrid has a range of practical and affordable pest management services to prevent, treat, remove, and manage the pests we can find in our homes and business places. With Allrid, you can choose to use us once or twice-yearly for pest treatments - whichever you choose, and we have you covered. We look after termite treatments, spider, cockroach, rat, silverfish, ant, mosquito, and tick pest control. We also manage bed bug treatments and wasp and bee removals.

Termite Protection Systems

The first step in protecting your home or business from termite damage is to have an annual termite inspection carried out by a licensed and experienced pest technician. Once an Allrid professional has carried out a thorough inspection and determined any termite activity, you will be provided with a range of options to treat any current infestations, or a recommendation to install a preventative termite protection zone.

Broad Acre Weed Control

The Allrid team delivers all facets of weed surveying, mapping, and management and is supported with a suite of purpose-built mine specification vehicles, which have been designed for the delivery of quick and effective services once the emergence of weeks occurs. Allrid is experienced working with weed management for rail, mine, infrastructure, and port facilities, and utilise ArcGIS mapping to show areas of infestation and tracking abilities that display area which has been surveyed.


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