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Your Digital Marketing Services Experts in Kalgoorlie


Your Digital Marketing Services Experts in Kalgoorlie

Business Key gives regional businesses a leg-up, helping them ignite sales with advanced digital marketing services and online marketing and advertising. 

We understand what it means to be a resident and a local business owner. 

When it comes to internet marketing services, it’s harder than ever to keep pace with changes. Getting on top of your digital marketing is time-consuming. It’s no longer a simple matter of mastering new technology. Now, it’s about applying it strategically to get the best return for your business. 

This is why Business Key offers a helping hand in simplifying your digital world!

Business Key first opened its doors in 1993. Owner and founder of Business Key, Les Waugh, made the first Goldfields Key directory with the goal of creating a trusted local directory that makes life easier for business owners and residents alike. 

Soon after, he created two new print products – the WA Mining Map and Goldfields Business Planner. Extremely popular, the sought-after advertising placements were snapped up from year to year! 

The company offers the same exceptional service and commitment to connecting people and businesses with their digital products and online services.

Business Key delivers outstanding services, support, and technological solutions that help local businesses harness digital marketing power.

We do this through a suite of digital marketing services and products, from website design, SEO and directory listings to location and email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing support, and other services such as but not limited to:

  • Goldfields Key App – quick, easy and free to download.
  • Goldfields Key Online – find local listings, advertise & manage your contacts.
  • Website Design and Development Packages – beautiful websites designed to showcase your business.
  • Logo Design – new logos that build your business brand.
  • Business Cards – stunning design, affordable printing in Kalgoorlie with fast delivery.
  • Copywriting – carefully crafted words for your website, social and sales pages.
  • SEO Services – winning strategies for members who want to be first on search results.
  • WA Mining Map – free to mine sites, HQs and local businesses.
  • Goldfields Business Planner – practical, super-sized and free to local businesses.

What You Can Expect in Partnering with Business Key

Our business model is tried and tested. Our internet marketing experts can help build your business without costly development expenses.

As advertising in Kalgoorlie has come a long way from the days of printed directories, Business Key makes sure to work with business owners to help them stand out. We guarantee:

  • Quick and easy search listings
  • Rank at the top of preferred category pages
  • Tailored and personalised your business page 
  • Your business is in-app for people on the go
  • SEO keyword research and social media
  • Blog articles about your business.

Our membership community can say goodbye to countless hours promoting their businesses online because they have us doing it for them! We tirelessly shine a spotlight on our premium members through our VIP member benefits.

You get the opportunity to help regional businesses grow and thrive, and you can see why partnering with Business Key is a winner.

At Business Key, our passion is “Live local, enjoy local, buy local.” And we know when regional businesses prosper, local economies bloom, families thrive, and communities grow.

Want to know more about Business Key and what we’re offering? 

Visit Business Key’s business page to get to know more about our services now!

Business Key
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